World travel & tourism Council: rinnovo al vertice, David Scowsill lascia a giugno

Rinnovamento al vertice del Wttc, ovvero del World travel & tourism Council che raggruppa le organizzazioni private del settore viaggi e turismo a livello mondiale e si confronta con UnWto, ovvero l’Agenzia Onu per il turismo come espressione degli organismi pubblici. Dopo oltre sei anni di mandato David Scowsill lascia a giugno, come precisato nel corso del summit mondiale del Wttc in corso a Bangkok in Tailandia in questi giorni.

Di seguito la nota ufficiale Wttc in inglese

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) announces the departure of David Scowsill, President & CEO, after six years at the helm of the organisation.

During his tenure as the third President in the 26 year history of WTTC, he has taken the organisation to new heights, championing the private sector views in high level governmental discussions and promoting the sustainable growth of Travel & Tourism.

“It has been a privilege to lead WTTC, representing the global interests of the private sector of Travel & Tourism, through advocacy with governments around the world. The membership of the organisation has doubled in the last period, but more significant has been the work with governments at all levels on the key strategic issues for the sector,” said Scowsill. “By making this announcement now, the Executive Committee has time to identify a successor and to work through a smooth transition in leadership. Working with a very talented team, we have consolidated the position of WTTC as the authority in the sector, whether through research, advocacy, or the impact of the Global Summits. I now look forward to focussing on new opportunities, knowing that I am leaving WTTC in great shape.”

David Scowsill has been President & CEO of WTTC since October 2010. Amongst the highlights of his time, the public/private partnership with UNWTO has produced 84 meetings with Presidents and Prime Ministers, where messages about the importance of the sector have been directed to these key leaders. As founder and Chairman of The Global Travel Association Coalition, he ensured that the travel industry spoke to governments with One Voice on the key issues – from travel facilitation and terrorism, to infrastructure development and environmental sustainability.

Prior to WTTC, he served as Chairman or Director with various companies, working for six years in Private Equity and Venture Capital to execute a number of deals across the industry. He was Chief Executive of Opodo and the Minit Group, after holding executive and board positions at Hilton Hotels, American Airlines and British Airways.

“The Executive Committee thanks David for his service and is very appreciative of the many contributions he has made to the mission, growth and success of the sector over the past 6 years,” said Gerald Lawless, Chairman, WTTC. “Under his leadership and vision, WTTC is clearly positioned as the private sector authority on Travel & Tourism, reflected in the calibre and geographic diversity of the membership group. During this transition period it will be business as usual, as the Executive Committee works to identify a successor.”

About WTTC:

The World Travel & Tourism Council is the global authority on the economic and social contribution of Travel & Tourism. It promotes sustainable growth for the sector, working with governments and international institutions to create jobs, to drive exports and to generate prosperity. Every year WTTC, together with Oxford Economics, produces its flagship Economic Impact Report, which looks at the socioeconomic benefits of Travel & Tourism on global, regional and country level. This year the report shows data on 25 regional groupings and 185 countries.

Travel & Tourism is a key driver for investment and economic growth globally. The sector contributes US$7.6 trillion or 10.2% of global GDP, once all direct, indirect and induced impacts are taken into account. The sector also accounts for 292 million jobs or one in ten of all jobs on the planet.

For over 25 years, WTTC has been the voice of this industry globally. Members are the Chairs, Presidents and Chief Executives of the world’s leading, private sector Travel & Tourism businesses, who bring specialist knowledge to guide government policy and decision-making, and raise awareness of the importance of the sector.

WTTC’s annual Global Summit brings together over 900 delegates to discuss the opportunities, challenges and issues facing the industry, while its Tourism for Tomorrow Awards recognise the industry’s power to be a positive force in sustainability.