L’Ecuador punta su Open Skies per sviluppare il turismo terza industria del Paese

L’Ecuador punta su Open Skies per lo sviluppo del turismo terza industria nazionale. Di seguito la nota del Governo.

The Presidential decree called “Open Skies” (Cielos Abiertos), implemented by Lenin Moreno,President of the Republic of Ecuador, the Government  seeks to promote Latin-American integration and foster strategic insertion of the country within international context. 1. The Ministry of Transport (Ministerio de Transportes y ObrasPúblicas),the Ministry of Foreign Affaris (Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Movilidad Humana), in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism (Ministerio de Turismo) will be in charge of negotiations for Open Skies. 2. The agreements and negotiations must respect the principle of free competition, ensuring the permanent provision of services and avoiding disloyal practices, or the abuse of dominant and monopolistic positions. The measures taken regarding air transportation are considered important since they contribute with tourism development, commercial trade,regional and global integration, implementing an opening policy that allows Open Skies agreements. Ecuador has defined the tourist sector as a State policy to consolidate the tourism as the first source of non- oil, revenue. Tourism is the third source nowadays. This national strategy strengthens the work plan and objectives of this Secretary of State:

  • Promote domestic tourism
  • Increase international arrivals
  • Achieve the 1×1 goal (1 tourist per inhabitant), attract foreign investment