Top chef: Alain Ducasse, Albert Adrià e Romain Meder per il progetto gourmet Admo

Ducasse, Adrià e Meder: tre top chef accomunati da un progetto: Admo. Una iniziativa transculturale e anche un po’provocatoria in un momento difficile per la grande ristorazione. Ma anche un segnale forte. Di seguito la nota in inglese.


ADMO*, a 100-day restaurant for Paris – a totally new concept from Alain Ducasse with Albert Adrià and Romain Meder – will open on 10th November 2021 at Les Ombres, the renowned restaurant at the Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac Museum. For 100 days as from 10th November, Alain Ducasse, Albert Adrià and Romain Meder will be launching ADMO*. This is an experimental project proposing gourmet cuisine rooted in the cultures of France and Spain, and yet seeking to be in the forefront of culinary innovation. It is a unique and ambitious concept, under the high patronage of President Emmanuel Macron, providing a stimulus to a new, reasoned and sustainable way of looking at gourmet cuisine. After the long closure of many well-known restaurants throughout Europe, ADMO* will give free rein to energy and creativity. In the heart of Paris, Alain Ducasse wants to celebrate the return of a truly exciting gastronomy, and to show that it can still be inspirational. Following on from the “Rencontres Essentielles” that he initiated in 2012 when he invited renowned chefs like the Brazilian Alex Atala, the American Dan Barber, the Peruvian Gastón Acurio or the Italian Massimo Bottura to Paris, this project – over a longer period – brings together exceptionally talented European chefs. It is also the reflection of Alain Ducasse’s constant desire to go beyond existing frontiers and be open to influences that can enrich culinary practices.

For Albert Adrià, Paris is a return to his roots. “Things come full circle,” he said when he received the invitation from Alain Ducasse. For this Catalan chef, France has always been his main source of inspiration. He has never forgotten the pleasure he felt as a child when tasting the food cooked by his aunt in Toulouse, nor his cookery classes or his research to get a better understanding of the French way of doing things. Even today, Albert can easily recall the recipes of classic dishes that he had to produce when learning his trade. His exceptional career began in 1985 at El Bulli; he then opened six restaurants in Barcelona including the celebrated Tickets (2011) and Enigma (2016). His projects have always been innovatory, breaking with the past in order to express his own very free and avantgarde ideas concerning gastronomy. He is constantly taking a new look at different cuisines, often deconstructing recipes, and, over recent months, he has been working on his approach to cooking plants and vegetables, and published Vegetales a Todo Color (Ed. Casa del Libro) last June. Romain Meder already shares a link with Alain Ducasse, for he has worked with Alain on his concept of “Naturalité” since 2014. His involvement in the ADMO* project is the next stage in constructing this cuisine, whose basics remain unchanged: adapting to new constraints of sustainability, making a conscious choice to reduce fat and sugar content, and keeping in tune with the seasons. With ADMO*, Romain Meder wants to continue to give a voice to food producers and to offer up a French cuisine that has been rethought and unshackled. Jessica Prealpato plays an essential part in the experimental ADMO* project. It is with the same revamping spirit that she will share new radical yet gourmand creations pursuing her work on «Desseralité».

The choice of location for the project is by no means random. From the rooftop restaurant of the Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac Museum, designed by Jean Nouvel, there is an amazing view of Paris that contrasts and complements the building’s architecture. It is a unique location – a museum that highlights exchanges between different eras and different continents.